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IPv6 Intelligence is an information source for implementations of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). This site focuses on:

  1. Operating systems for host computers with integrated IPv6 stacks (i.e. a complete operating environment as provided by the vendor)
  2. Software packages and tools which implement subprotocols of IPv6 (stand-alone products which provide IPv6 functions not available in the integrated stacks)

DHCPv6 software updates

By Paul Weissmann on 11 April 2011

New Jagornet DHCPv6 server and an updated DHCPv6 release from ISC:

  • ISC DHCP DHCPv6 in version 4.2.1-P1 from May 2011 added Prefix Delegation, and includes server, client and relay functionality for Linux, BSD and Solaris systems

Thanks to A. Gregory Rabil and Olipro for the pointers.