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Cisco IOS IPv6

By Paul Weissmann on 25 August 2009

Most of Cisco’s IOS based routers support a very broad range of IPv6 features and subprotocols with the right IOS version. This page compiles basic information on the various IPv6 capabilities of the IOS 12.2T and 12.3 and 12.4 release trains.

The information is mostly based on the exhaustive Cisco documentation and checked with the results of Defense Information Systems Agency/Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) compliance tests . Since IOS releases generally have the same feature set across different routers and product families the remarks here should apply to other Cisco systems running the same IOS versions as well.


By Paul Weissmann on 3 July 2009

Several updates regarding operational issues, including connectivity. After a short transition period, this site changed its IP connectivity and URL — it is now reachable at ipv6int.net; a HTTP redirect is configured for the old URL.

On a sidenote regarding IPv6 access — we're seeing a constant month-to-month ratio of about 8-11 percent of visitors accessing this site over IPv6. For comparison, at our sister site OpenPA.net about 1 percent of all accesses come over IPv6.

Operating systems IPv6 conformance — JITC

By Paul Weissmann on 18 April 2009

Several operating system pages have been updated with IPv6 protocol conformance/RFCs, including:

The information is based on test and conformance documents from the Defense Information Systems Agency/Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Approved Product List.

DHCPv6 software updates

13 April 2009

Several additions and updates to the DHCPv6 section, including the addition of an overview comparison table.

  • ISC DHCP DHCPv6 includes support for DHCPv6 server, client and relay since version 4.0, updated in the current 4.1.0, for Linux, BSD and Solaris systems
  • Linux DHCPv6 projects aims for DHCPv6 server, client and relay support for Linux systems
  • The other DHCPv6 pages have been updated and brought up to date

With thanks to Derek Morr for the pointers.

Various pages updated with current documentation and releases

8 April 2009

After a long hiatus new IPv6 information was collected for various operating systems and software packages. This includes:

  • HP-UX 11i Unix, adds new IPv6 features in the 11i v3 release with optional IPv6Upgrade package
  • Apple Mac OS X, adds no new notable core IPv6 features in the 10.5 release, but enhances application and system services IPv6 support
  • Dibbler DHCPv6 software, adds various news features and options for the DHCPv6 protocol in the latest 0.7.3 version
  • WIDE DHCPv6 package did not add any notable new features in their latest 2008 releases

Solaris/OpenSolaris DHCPv6

15 November 2007

A DHCPv6 client made its way into OpenSolaris (actually quite some time ago) and, more recently into commercial Solaris (update 8/07). It supports stateful DHCPv6 client functionality.

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX IPv6

12 September 2007

Hewlett-Packard’s Unix derivate HP-UX supports IPv6 in various stages since December 2001. The new HP-UX IPv6 page describes the various software packages and HP-UX 11i releases with their corresponding IPv6 support. The information is compiled from available documentation.

New Dibbler DHCPv6 Software Version

10 September 2007

The Linux and Windows DHCPv6 software Dibbler is available in a new version — 0.60. It was released in July and features updated and enhanced support for various DHCPv6 options and RFCs. Read the full page for more and detailed informations.